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How can I become a CA Made Third-Party Certifier?

The statute (CA Government Code Sections 12098.10 - 12098.11) for CA Made indicates that a qualified third-party certifier is an "individual, group, or association that possesses a professional license, certification, or other equivalent documentation indicating sufficient training, education, or expertise to perform a regulatory compliance audit." The definition of "third-party certifier" in the program’s regulations includes three additional criteria:
  1. Legally and financially separate from the applicant;
  2. "Familiar" with the product being certified, meaning the "third-party certifier" has sufficient knowledge about the supply chain of the specified product(s) to verify the source of the product components in order to perform a third-party regulatory audit as set forth in Government Code section 12098.10 et seq.; and,
  3. Legally authorized to operate in California.
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