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Who do I contact to start a business?

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or call the statewide Chamber of Commerce 1-800-331-8877. The Chamber of Commerce will provide you with information for your area and referrals to other agencies.

The most common agencies to contact are: 
  • The CA Department of Tax and Fee Administration (formerly the Board of Equalization) for wholesale and resale numbers and sales tax information.
  • The California Secretary of State to register as a corporation, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or limited partnership.
  • Your city or county for business licensing.
  • The Department of Consumer Affairs for state licensing.
  • The Employment Development Department for a state Employer ID number and state employer withholding information.
  • The Internal Revenue Service for federal ID numbers and federal employers withholding information.
  • The Franchise Tax Board for Publication 1060, Guide for Corporations Starting Business in California.

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